Lithuanian Defense Ministry: Russian military aircraft enters the country's airspace

Russian Tu-134 entered the airspace of Lithuania.

The Russian military aircraft Tu-134, due to poor weather conditions, entered the airspace of Lithuania. The incident occurred on 6 on August, however, according to information provided by the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, the aircraft maintained contact with the Regional Air Traffic Control Center and operated with the transponders turned on.

According to available data, the incident did not lead to any consequences, since, according to media reports, Lithuania agreed to open airspace for a Russian military aircraft due to the existing danger due to adverse weather conditions.

The purpose of the flight of the Russian Tu-134 was not known, but according to the information provided, during the period from 5 to 11 on August, NATO fighters escorted Russian military aircraft, as stated in an official statement.

“On August 5-11, NATO fighters carrying out a NATO air police mission in the Baltic countries made 9 sorties to identify and escort Russian military aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea”

Yes, he did not enter the airspace of Lithuania. He simply did not notice him.