Syrian militants attacked a Russian military patrol. Video

Terrorists attacked a Russian military patrol in Syria.

Another joint Russian-Turkish patrol of the M4 highway in the Syrian province of Idlib turned into an attack on a patrol of the Russian military police. "Peaceful" residents, who turned out to be only disguised militants, threw Russian equipment with stones, bottles and other items, and, after a huge cobblestone got into the Russian armored personnel carrier, the latter could well get damaged guns.

On the presented video frames, you can see that in comparison with the latest incident, there were not so many militants along the route of the Russian military patrol, however, it is noteworthy that the latter acted without control by the Turkish military, although Ankara officially committed itself to ensuring the security of the Russian military.

The Russian military has not yet commented on the incident with the attack on armored cars during the next patrol, however, the situation seems to be getting out of control, as evidenced by the increasing clashes between the Syrian military, militants and Turkish troops, especially since Turkey began the transfer to Syria of their air defense systems, which, obviously, can be used not only against the Syrian, but also against the Russian military.

Well, they threw stones from the bridge onto the bronick.