Powerful attack of hundreds of Russian drones "KUB" displeased the United States

The United States is unhappy with the attack by a swarm of Russian kamikaze UAVs "KUB".

In the United States, they were discouraged by the possibility of a group attack by the Russian kamikaze drones "KUB". As it turned out, if one such drone is capable of delivering powerful blows to the enemy's forces, then a group strike of a swarm of such drones can destroy huge enemy forces.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian drones "KUB" can really be used for group attacks on the enemy, however, to this day there is not a single video showing the work of a swarm of UAVs.

The United States draws attention to the fact that at a relatively low cost, Russia or any other country can use not only dozens, but also hundreds of such drones - it is quite obvious that such an attack cannot be repelled and this will lead to enormous destruction and losses.

"You can buy hundreds of KUB-BLA drones and destroy the enemy defenses with this deadly swarm.", - quotes the opinion of the expert publication "The National Interest".

It should be noted that the Russian drones-kamikaze "KUB" were able to prove themselves well in Syria, delivering precise strikes against the targets of militants and terrorists.