There are active battles in the Avdeevsky direction

On April 17, 2024, fighting intensified on the Avdeevsky sector of the front. The Russian armed forces focused on operations on the northern flank, where units attacked Ukrainian positions on the southern outskirts of Novokalinovo and made significant advances towards the key intersections of Stepova and Pershotravneva streets.

Information was also received about the expansion of the zone of control of the Russian Armed Forces in the north of Berdychi in the direction of Novobakhmutovka and Ocheretino. Russian troops successfully advanced along the railway line, securing control over the territory of the Ocheretino-Tyagovaya substation, and reached the eastern outskirts of Ocheretino.

In the center of the Avdeevsky sector of the front, Russian forces entrenched themselves in Semenovka. Meanwhile, the western part of Berdychi remains under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the destruction of the local dam has significantly hampered the supply and movement of troops, complicating the tactical situation.

On the southern flank, the situation has worsened in the area of ​​Umansky and Netailovo, where Russian assault groups are actively trying to break through the enemy’s defenses. These maneuvers are aimed at weakening the fortified positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and creating the preconditions for new operational capabilities in this sector of the front.


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