MiG-2021 fighter was shown at the MAKS-49 air show

The MiG-49 fighter was first shown at the MAKS-2021 air show.

Within the framework of the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, the Russian aircraft-building corporation MiG presented a unique domestic combat aircraft MiG-49. Until today, no information about this combat vehicle has appeared. Apparently, at the moment, active work is underway to develop this fighter.

In the presented image, you can see a model of a fighter, which, according to some information, is a promising multi-functional shipborne fighter. The number 49 on the fuselage of the combat aircraft model almost certainly indicates the fact that the fighter will be given the name MiG-49, however, at the moment this is only a guess.

There are no other details regarding the combat aircraft being developed by the MiG corporation at the moment. Remarkable is the fact that today work continues on the creation of a new generation MiG-41 fighter-interceptor, which has been repeatedly confirmed, but there are also no details regarding this combat aircraft.

what are you all talking about? is this a cardboard layout? I have dozens of them at home)) and I'm more than sure that this layout says, "made in china."

yes, the uniqueness is that this type
airplanes are not made and not made by anyone in the world.
And he is over 40 years old

It all starts with a layout

So maybe such a task was not to catch up with the moment-31? In general, the Mig-31 was created to intercept the scouts, and as a response to their appearance. And there were no reconnaissance planes and the need for an airplane disappeared. And why should NATO catch up with him ?!

Spending 40 times more money on armaments, NATOIHILOVTSY are unable to catch up with the long-discontinued MiG-31. Or do they not know how to produce high-tech products, or labor productivity in "Western democracies" is 40 times lower than in Russia ...?

And what is its uniqueness? is that it is made of papier-mâché?

They can't think of an airplane better, they are lagging behind in development.