Armenian serviceman shot dead on Azerbaijan-Armenia border

Shooting took place on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

One Armenian soldier was killed and another was injured in an incident on the border with Azerbaijan. According to the press service of the Armenian Defense Ministry, the incident took place on the night of March 31 in the southeastern section of the border zone in conditions of extremely poor visibility.

According to the department, there was a shootout between the servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces due to a misunderstanding. At the same moment, shots were heard from the Azerbaijani side. After the incident, the body of a conscript serviceman of the Armenian Armed Forces, Hrachya Sarukhanyan, was found with a fatal gunshot wound. Another soldier was wounded, however, his life is not in danger.

An investigation is currently underway to clarify all the circumstances of the incident. Recall that Armenia and Azerbaijan are in a state of tension due to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, which lasted several decades and ended in 2020. According to observers, both sides continue to maintain a military presence on the border.


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