Military anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27 crashed in Kamchatka

The Ka-27 helicopter crashed in Kamchatka.

The Russian military ship's anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27, during a training flight, crashed in Kamchatka. It is known that the aircraft belonged to the FSB of Russia and there were at least three people on board, including two crew members.

It is known that during a training flight, the rotorcraft disappeared from the radar, and the crew of the aircraft stopped communicating.

At the moment, a search and rescue operation is underway in the area of ​​the disappearance of the Ka-27 helicopter, however, by the current hour there are no details on this matter.

For what purposes the training flight was carried out is still unknown. A number of sources in the emergency services report that the aircraft has already been discovered - the helicopter made an emergency landing on the ground, but the fate of the crew remains unknown due to the fact that the crash occurred in a hard-to-reach area.

The circumstances under which the helicopter crashed in Kamchatka today are still unknown. Conclusions can only be drawn after an investigation. The original version of unfavorable meteorological conditions has now been refuted.