Ukraine announced its intention to shoot down a Russian Mi-8 helicopter

It became known about the attempts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to shoot down a Russian military helicopter.

The head of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Major General Serhiy Deyneko, announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine intended to shoot down a Russian military helicopter Mi-8, which, according to the Ukrainian military, had previously violated the state border and deepened 50 meters into it. According to Deyneko, the border forces of Ukraine could not independently attack the helicopter, since the border between the two states is not demarcated.

“The helicopter flew into the territory of Ukraine at a distance of about 50 meters, was on our territory for less than one minute. What if our soldier was wrong? It's quite possible, right? Because there is a human factor and the border, let me remind you, is not demarcated. And this could be a provocation to start a war. Who would bear this responsibility? ", - said the head of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

At the same time, Deineko noted that although the border guards are armed with portable anti-aircraft missile systems, the decision on the attack should have been made in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In order to shoot down a helicopter, we need a portable anti-aircraft missile system. We do not have all border patrols armed with a portable air defense system ", - stressed Deineko.

At the same time, there is information that against the background of the increasing presence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the border with Russia and in the Donbass, almost every Ukrainian unit has MANPADS, which obviously applies to the border service of Ukraine.

Experts note that if the violation of the Ukrainian border really took place, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine realized how a banal mistake could end - even if the Russian helicopter was in the airspace of Ukraine, there was a possibility that it would fall on Russian territory, and this would be a direct aggression against Russia.