Sixth-generation NGAD fighter found at Area-51 military base

A sixth-generation NGAD fighter was found at an American air base.

At the American military base "Zone-51" a commercial satellite discovered an object that almost completely matches the description of the American sixth-generation NGAD (Next Generation Air Dominance) fighter. Data on this subject is voiced by the information publication "The Drive".

As follows from the satellite image, the aircraft has a triangular shape and has a relatively small size. Despite the lack of sufficient clarity from a satellite image, the detected object almost completely resembles an NGAD fighter.

“The aircraft in question is approximately 65 feet long and 50 feet wide – about the size of a Su-27 – and has Concorde-like wings with a curved leading edge. Overall, the wings have a smooth, almost organic look. The aircraft does not have a noticeable tail. The forward fuselage tapers into what is most likely a pointed nose. What that might be, we don't know, but the size and shape are broadly similar to the submitted 6th generation fighter concepts we've seen for both the US Air Force and the Navy, which are portrayed as heavy, tailless, stealthy tactical jets. with a delta wing in plan"- reports the American edition of The Drive.

A few months ago, the United States confirmed data on the imminent start of testing of the sixth generation fighter. In this regard, experts expressed confidence that the aircraft found at the "Area 51" airbase is this combat aircraft.

This is one of the experimental samples of the SR-72, which has been developed for 30 years. Nothing works. The aircraft should be pitted with 7M, but on the 3M battle it fell apart. The use of the US material from which Russian hypersonic missiles are made is "impossible". They have no idea how it's done.

Their fifth generation does not want to fly, but they draw the sixth generation ...

It is pointless to talk about the profitability of military equipment, since it is initially unprofitable in principle. It's about operating costs. But the Americans have a completely different military budget - they can afford it.

F-22, by the way, is not a very bad aircraft, but it is not cost-effective to use.

nonsense all these cartoons. Ukraine has produced a new 60th generation stealth fighter. After the stealth mode was turned on, the plane disappeared and no one else saw it. Now they are asking for money from the United States to create a device for detecting an aircraft

Their F 35 does not fly properly, and this is certainly some kind of dummy for the next "flight to the moon"

The truth is that our aircraft designers are already hopelessly behind by a whole generation, and maybe more. If gliders can still do more or less, then the electronic stuffing and engines have not corresponded to the modern level for a long time. In electronics, the lag is already more than two generations. In radar technology, we are also seriously lagging behind. There are also a lot of incomprehensible things in stealth defense.

... Learned from Serdikov.
Dummy rubber...
Pumped up, photographed, posted ..

What kind of 6th generation fighter could THIS be after the expensive F-22 and the raw F-35? I can imagine what it could be after the F-35! ... or F-22?)

Stop hysteria! Our engineers are already finishing work on the cartoon with the 8th generation of the fighter! We'll show everyone soon!

If they make it for more than 25 years, but never finish it like the F35, then there is nowhere to rush.

To admire all the drawings on the roofs now?

It's all nonsense. The sixth, seventh, fifteenth. There are no significant breakthroughs in aviation and space technology. It is very expensive, energy-intensive and environmentally dirty.

After all the failures of the UWB, it's time to report that "we have such devices, but we won't tell you about them" they also have something at Area-51. Apparently aliens are building)

Th ...
Well, Biden's cartoons))

Totally agree.
Maybe they pulled Cold War junk out of the hangar. To take up no space. Or they just highlighted the disinfectant ..

They also have a super-duper somewhere.

so? Are they separated from us forever?

What is the news that an aircraft hull was found at a US military base. To sculpt such buildings without engines and weapons from the United States, every year a dozen ....



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