NATO in Donbass


NATO decided to intervene in the armed conflict in Donbass

British military units spotted in Donbas.

A few days ago, representatives of British military special forces were seen in the territory of Donbass, at a relatively small distance from the borders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. The appearance of the latter in Donbass is associated with an attempt by NATO to intervene in an armed conflict, and the Alliance is clearly ready to support the operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to official data, the presence of NATO military personnel in Donbass is conditioned only by the training of the Ukrainian army, checking the status on the front line in Donbass and conducting reconnaissance and monitoring operations, nevertheless, experts believe that the North Atlantic Alliance is really ready to take part in the armed conflict in Donbass. ... Especially noteworthy is the fact that the appearance of British troops in the Donbas occurred after the beginning of the escalation of the situation in the region.

Earlier, information appeared on the Web that mercenaries from NATO countries are also fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

Earlier, official Kiev announced its readiness for hostilities against the DPR and LPR, noting that only the signing of a corresponding decree by the Ukrainian president is expected.

Вот как они в толк не возьмут, Владимир Владимирович ведь ясно сказал, что основной удар будет по центрам принятия решений, то есть по Америке, Британии и иже с ними. Зачем нам уничтожать народ родственной культуры? А как только центры будут уничтожены, националистов на Украине, люди сами отловят и к России присоединятся в полном составе.

The Americans are destroying the states they want, without asking anyone, without thinking about who, what, and how they will think of them, simply because they want to. They occupied Syria in order to plunder, train ISIS members there, and are not afraid of anyone, do not report to anyone, and do not justify themselves to anyone, unlike our "tolerant" "wise men" who are afraid to protect the Russians in Ukraine.

You're all lying. There are no Englishmen there. People who speak Russian are running and shooting from tanks, gradov

Only couch heroes have brave feats !!! Stalin's both sons fought for their homeland for the people. And for whom will you fight, for majors and oligarchs, or for those who have a rainbow flag ???

The tree is still to be translated ...

None of them will happen if a mess happens.

)))))) It is high time

There are enough coffins for everyone.

How lucky they are - the British are the first to slaughter!

Madame, citizens in Donbass have decided to become citizens of Russia - and this is their right. Donbass is a territory that belonged to the USSR (the legal successor is Russia), and donated to the Ukrainian SSR. No Ukraine a priori existed at that time. Ukraine is a fascist state and its fate is similar to that of fascist Germany

They climb there not knowing where you left something or there is something of yours you probably have three heads that there is one more than one less you will not have this time which is called to think a hat without a head is just a hat. someone drove you to our neighbors to do the same.

They intend to walk broadly, they will tear their pants.

In Georgia, there was a similar situation. After the intervention of Russia, where, who went?

It is not at all difficult to imagine. For 150 years, radioactive deserted land has been scorched throughout Europe. Our great-great-grandchildren will gradually settle with Uzbeks, Moldovans and Yakuts. with the Mongols. The Yakuts will have enough to freeze there on Oymyakon, have pity on them. And the deer will like lavender instead of reindeer lichen in the Alps on the slopes.

Triple dementia: NATO, US and Ukraine.

They wanted coffins. They will get them.

England wanted coffins, she'll get them.

the British, together with the Ukrainians, will go into battle ... for their native Ukraine ... well ... let's see how much courage these guys have ... that in 1944 they weren't particularly quick ...

It's time to go on the Victory March across the European capitals (when the dust settles).

But the NATO bases in Ukraine will appear 100%, but we do not care, we will go to heaven, as P said.

Will not help.

if they are defeated in Donbas, we cannot avoid the war to survive and win as our brothers won

Don't confuse volunteers and mercenaries ...

In the LDNR, more than half of the population has Russian pas

Putin has clung to the Minsk agreements and by hook or by crook intimidates the Banderaites, trying to prevent a direct attack by the Banderaites on Donbass by large forces prepared for an attack. They can also attack.

I agree. Snipers or drones, you have to react.

Until Greenwich!

Russian citizens are on their territory madam, As you probably know, if you went to school, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk regions and the entire Black Sea coast to the Danube are the territory of the USSR and before that the Russian Empire. Russia, the current one, is the legal successor of these states with All that implies. Therefore, sit and shut up or cry in a shtatovskiy vest. Russia has come for hers and she will take him.

If NATO tries to intervene in the conflict in southeastern Ukraine, this will mean that NATO has officially entered the war with the ensuing consequences for NATO countries. Russia then has a formal reason to also start hostilities under the pretext of protecting its citizens. And NATO is well aware of this. They also realize that other types of weapons can be used against NATO countries to weaken their armed forces. Where this will lead is hard to imagine. But the fact that NATO is aware of all of the above, regardless of all their militaristic statements, is beyond doubt. So Ukraine should not count on support from the outside, except for football chants ahead and a puck, a puck. Even in the event of defeat, Ukraine at best can only count on modest words of regret. And most likely to the expressions: "and we warned you ..."

As long as the children of our cones live prospering in the States and in London, we will only wipe the snot, shame on our government!

Why don't LDNR snipers work with the British? Minus one and they would have been blown away by the wind. And later they would be very much careful not to shine in the open.

It is high time to put order on our ball.

"Solntsepek" and "Grad" do not distinguish between nationalities.

Once NATO has appeared, then the Russian Federation has nothing to wait and it's time to take the DPR under its protection. It is time for the authorities to move from words to deeds, otherwise we will play too much.

Come on, they will shimmer and disperse!

do not take them prisoner.

So, we are going to the English Channel ...

Audrius, a referendum was held in Donbass on May 12, 2014! 90% of the population was in favor of secession from Ukraine! This is not the parliament in Kosovo! And the people made the decision after seeing what awaited him under the new fascist government after the Ukronazis burned a hundred people alive in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2014.

Russian mercenaries are fighting to protect the Russian population of Donbass and the citizens of Russia! And who are the British, Canadian and other mercenaries protecting or fighting for?

and what were the Ukrainian mercenaries doing in Chechnya?


The darkness is coming closer and closer to us, but this time we will have to go all the way to London and Fushington. In 1945, we defeated the brown plague, but the darkness, the host of the brown plague, is thriving and preparing to attack.

a guest he is a guest ... Russian volunteers, if they are, are guarding their borders ... and the English and American volunteers that are guarding here ...

Then right to Washington!

it is necessary to take them all, otherwise the power will soon begin to grow thin, pi ... there is less and less left to do.

and why are the citizens of the Russian Federation on a foreign territory? what prevents them from returning to their homeland?

Donbass is a Russian land where Russian people live, transferred by Lenin to Ukraine. Today everything Russian is banned in Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian Donbass is fighting for freedom from Ukrainization.

There, children and women are protected and protected. You saw the footage of the 2014 documentary, the boys played football, the SU-25 flew in and started bombing the playground, three boys died, their arms and legs were torn off, I saw this film.

There are reasons, and very weighty! Protection of citizens of the Russian Federation!

Russian mercenaries are also fighting why don't you write about it? So that everything is fair

Well, you will have to go not only to Kiev, but to London.

Somewhere in Alexandre Dumas I read a similar story. We need to hold collective readings in NATO. There the musketeers barely took their feet from the Crimea

Do you propose to occupy the territory that the Russian Federation recognizes as Ukrainian? If in Crimea the parliament voted not to recognize the Kiev coup and to hold a referendum that decided to secede from Ukraine and become a part of Russia, then in Donbass the parliament recognized the Kiev coup and then screwed it into Kiev. And in essence today there is no legitimate government in Donbass ... That is why Kiev is blocking all elections in Donbass! So today the Russian Federation has no legal grounds for the entry of the RF Armed Forces into the territory of Donbass! When the Armed Forces of Ukraine try to conduct an offensive operation, then there will be a legitimate reason, under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens on the territory of Ukraine, to conduct an operation to protect ...

I am from St. Petersburg and I do not understand why these republics are fighting, so to speak, and for whose money. To listen to Putin like that we are not there, well, not so and not ... they just jumped for something. It was high time for NATO to intervene.

It's a shame that the Russian Federation has not yet recognized the independence of the republics.

It's a shame that Donetsk and Lugansk regions are not yet part of the Russian Federation !!

Great news, now the Anglo-Saxons will also receive coffins.

And especially for NATO members - Wagnerians will drive up - to hunt !!!

I am interested to ask. These are the units of the British special forces that last year trained with the Vitebsk paratroopers - brothers in arms at the Losvido training ground in the Vitebsk region of Belarus?

Zelensky announced that the transfer of Ukrainian troops to the border with Russia begins.
This is certainly epic - seven years after the beginning of the war with the state, which is the "aggressor", to transfer troops to the border with it

Biden will not miss the opportunity to unleash a war in Donbass. Poroshenko also sold Donbass to Biden's son during his reign. And that needs a territory, not a people. So the Armed Forces of Ukraine will clean up the territory of Donbass from residents, since the money has been paid, and the territory has not been given. Ukraine does not need these Russian-speaking, non-controlled territories, but Biden wants to take his own.

The border is completely nonsense. Its de facto simply does not exist. Since Ukraine has not controlled it for 7 years. Therefore, they sought, first of all, control over it. They understand all this very well. Only it is not clear to you that the demarcation of the borders has not been completed. The plunderers of the people's property missed this moment, as a result of the sharing of goods, fearing not to be in time.

Well, what are you doing here, trading Russian lands?

Confused nothing. The right bank is Kiev. Is there any control of Russia there?

That's right! In accelerated mode!

And so the mercenaries do not fall under their convention and in Chechnya ours fired at once.

Time only narrows the options for Russia's actions. I would not be surprised if NATO structures are deployed in Ukraine.

So what should have happened finally begins.

Cool ... I'm afraid that after such an order, all wars on earth will end ... no one wants to be shot ...

So much the worse for NATO terrorists.

I would be silent. sickening to read.

On the part of NATO, these are just cheap show-offs, possibly at the expense of Ukraine (on credit).

As WHERE is the commander? In the same place where he was ALL SEVEN years - he was hiding behind the back of Donbass! (Or you can rhyme the word - where!).


Will raise videoconferencing uniquely

This makes it possible for the Russian Federation to protect the citizens of the LDPR!

Time to help - where is our commander-in-chief?

In the event that Russia intervenes in a military conflict in Donbass, an order must be issued stating that Russia does not extend the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Prisoners of War to citizens of foreign states captured on the territory of Ukraine or Russia.
Captured persons who do not have a Ukrainian or Russian state must be shot on the spot by a court-martial decision.

So we must surrender

NATO's presence there is inappropriate.

And NATO will also be Russia

Roman, you should write novels ...

The territories that are now occupied by Ukraine and Belarus, and Kazakhstan and so on. the so-called now independent states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, - inclusive) - all these modern states were part of the Russian Empire before the signing of the Brestlite separate treaty. By the way, Finland and the Autonomous Kingdom of Poland were also the Russian Empire.

In vain they decided. They will be very sorry, but nothing can be changed.

Such and in the Second World War went over to the side of the enemy, you will soon have to skedaddle from here ..

If the shells are stored immediately on the ground, then it is clear that they will not lie for a long time.

I read and wonder ...
What tank fist of the RF Armed Forces, what tactical nuclear weapons? Are you seriously? We have 16 ultra-modern tanks for the whole army, and the rest is old scrap metal, which is suitable for driving a maximum of broads in the SAR. Aviation can still do something, but again, it is quantitatively and qualitatively superior to NATO aviation in the field of ammunition.
Less than a year later, the Russian Federation merged the Armenians, and there was only Azerbaijan and the Turks behind it, who, if they had openly intervened, it would not have led to a global conflict, and you are saying something about the third world because of 2x small towns.

I feel it's time to buy dollars, because after another war, the ruble will turn to dust.

Igor completely agrees with you. How much can you hear and watch as they throw mud at Russia.

Who said Donbass is the territory of Ukraine ...
Ukraine ... it's a myth, a small state.
This is the land that Ukraine has given by the USSR.
You should have read the story ...

Do the NATO military want to fight in the territory of Donbass? It's a shame they don't know the story! The land of Donbass is rich in the bones of foreigners. Do relatives of the military who are so eager to play war in a foreign land know?

No, three Wagnerian armies were defeated.

Wonderful poems!!!

They want to disrupt the construction of Nord Stream 2

Of course, Sergei "without NATO" cannot be solved, because the losses among NATO will finally force Jens Stoltenberg to look at reality "taking off his rose-colored glasses" - DO NOT TOUCH RUSSIA and SHE WILL NOT TOUCH! This is the sphere of vital interests of Russia, not NATO.

And the Supreme, and the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are only capable of this. They will not even give any warnings, they will only express their deep concern and misunderstanding. Shame on you, gentlemen, people and history will never forgive you for this.


This means that a large-scale attack on Donbass is being prepared.

The border areas of Donbass are being cut off. This can be done quickly. And that's all. Then we simply observe how the Russian troops violate the border with Donbass (Ukraine) and run into the NATO line. Whatever one may say, and Donbass is officially considered by all parties to be a region of Ukraine

You are joking - apparently you have an inexhaustible sense of humor ...

Sanya, you, apparently, fell from the moon. Putin never takes hasty action. Apparently you are on a mission to the moon.

The complete failure of the policy of Gorbachev Yeltsin and Co.

If NATO gets in, the republics will surely become part of Russia.

"... British military units have been spotted in the Donbas." Smiled. What, just now "noticed?

YOU, apparently have not heard about the "North Wind"?

You won't solve it with NATO either .. In the worst case, Russia is ready to use tactical nuclear weapons .. Russia will do it easily - because losing control over at least the right bank of Ukraine is strategically tantamount to an attack on Moscow .. You just don't get into the principle of the question. Do you think this is some kind of joke

.... expresses concern ... but the most emphatic!

We love flesh - and its taste, and color,
And the stuffy, mortal flesh smell ...
Guilty if we crack your skeleton
In the heavy, gentle paws?

A.A. Block, "Scythians" ®

So send us to us, Vitia,
His angry sons:
There is a place for them in the fields of Russia,
Among the coffins that are not theirs.

A.S. Pushkin®

And what about Russia ...?

And the canary in the cage lives well too.

I guess our President Putin again decides to sit out in the bushes under the words of help (moral)

Tomorrow they will stand next to you and shoot. where will you run?

This conflict cannot be resolved without NATO assistance

Roman go to japan, do not waste time.

and Alaska will immediately return to its home harbor. Do you accidentally compose anecdotes? Try it, it might be funny, right now ...

our generals will issue a Chinese warning to the states of 120 to wipe the snot and disperse to their villas in Miami to whiskey.

Roman, for 10 years Russia was in captivity in the 90s and it couldn't have been better! :)))

Let them stock up on body bags, this adventure will end after the first hundred corpses of NATO soldiers

There will be no response to Washington, dreamer. Sitting in the Duma with American passports, someone will shoot in their homeland. WASH as always and express concern.

Directly for the children of Russian ministers and officials?

They can't wait for the Russians on the battlefield. Oh well.

Hello! Fact.

I think that NATO will not intervene openly, well, there are advisers, that's another matter. Ukraine has a non-bloc status, it is not a NATO member, and what a "fright" there will be regular NATO units, and what kind of states, I think the Germans are in their right mind, they remember the Second World War, but who else is there, the Poles, the same and in general, the appearance there, let's say, on the "front line" of NATO units, this is a "whistle" for our intervention, even this no one will hide, but then according to the well-known scenario.

Dear Eugene, I do not think that the United States will use its military forces for the sake of Ukraine. I'm even sure, although the General Headquarters is obliged to foresee all the options. The United States in general only with a bloodless and weakened enemy and nothing else. NATO NATE strife, the countries of the primary alliance will not go as skirmishers, for this there are the Baltic states and Romania with Poland, and then they will most likely act unofficially in the MTR format, there will also be instructors with technicians. And that's all ...
- Not to understand that it is vitally important for Russia "not to lose face", NATO or the United States cannot. It's not about the holders of Russian passports, it's just that later events will be very undesirable, both externally and internally.

The prisoners are supposed to be fed. "United Russia" did not bother with feeding the people. We survive ourselves, as we have to. So, not in captivity, but in the temporarily occupied territory.

If NATO intervenes in Donbas, then Russia's response will fly straight to the United States, Washington, or other American targets.

However, everyone is afraid to fight against the "beggarly" army for some reason? or "sapper shovels" scared?

Do you have any idea that our brothers and sisters live in the DPR and who are persecuted by the current policy in Ukraine? Or do you only care about yourself and your womb?

So go there. What are you doing here?

NATO, like any aggressive military alliance, is sickened by static. After they hit the borders of Russia (and Belarus), there was nowhere to expand. Additional complicating factors are their successful operations in Libya and Serbia, which have given them confidence in their strength, and our vague policies in response to their actions. It is important to show ruthlessness on our part in the event of hostilities, because, as one very famous person said, peoples are responsible for the actions of their governments.

not the mother of Russian cities let go of our rush, but on top of that? Or Bishkek?

All is well, calm down "punisher" and remember - THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU ALL BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WRITE ABOUT! Believe, be weasel, "in three missiles and an impoverished army with rusty sapper shovels" .... So much the better the subsequent effect will be on your minds ...!

So live under the supervision of Mr. Biden. But this is not the way of Russia! Japan and Singapore are neither a decree nor a landmark for us.

Dear Vera "Reputational losses" from the surrender of Donbass will not be with the "Kiev" authorities, but with Russia, and we understand this, the government is even more than we understand it him to split.)

Dear Maxim Tyshkevich, read the diary of F.M.Dostoevsky, entry from September 1877:
- "..." ... according to my inner conviction, the most complete and insurmountable - Russia will not, and never have, such haters, envious people, slanderers and even obvious enemies like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them , and Europe will agree to recognize them as liberated!

And let them not object to me, do not dispute, do not shout at me that I am exaggerating and that I am a hater of the Slavs! On the contrary, I really love the Slavs, but I will not defend myself, because I know that everything will come true exactly as I say ... "

Do not get carried away with "PANSLAVIANISM", you need to pay attention to the affairs of those who claim to patronize Russia (for example, Serbia has never betrayed Russia and has not imposed sanctions), but in general Russia just needs good neighbors, not "distant relatives"

Now there are two divisions in Donbass, but if they go to Kiev, 10 will reach Kiev.

Is it really better to be a prisoner of United Russia? But Japan is held captive by the United States - and they live well. And Singapore is a prisoner and good too. And South Korea.

Have you seen enough of Putin's TV? Apart from these three missiles, we have nothing, an impoverished army with rusty sapper shovels.

It means there will be a conflict. I sympathize with those who end up there against their will, NATO members in the first place.

And they don't even understand what reputational losses are. Remember who is in power.

For "Ron," the "Vanger" battalion is a beautiful legend - there is the "Union of Donbass Volunteers", there are Cossack organizations that helped to defend Serbia.
There are a lot of "messages" on the Internet, not everyone needs to believe, but the Debaltsevskiy cauldron is not a "Fata Morgana" - it was a reality that in Ukraine they want to present simply as an "optical illusion"

It's time

What is there to do??? If the Russian Federation (its power) let Ukraine float freely after the collapse of the Union. USA + West picked up our "Nenka" under the white ruchenki and led us away. Yes, in '14 there was an opportunity to return it, as well as the Crimea, to the bosom of the Russian Federation. And now, in essence, there is civil strife, a civil war on the territory of Great Russia. Not to be confused with Russia. The Russian authorities have been in Minsk for seven years, but the results are still the same. Zero.


It's a pity, of course, that they don't think about the consequences of seeing the prisoners.

probably the Russians also need to help Scotland in its independence from England

The young republics of Donbass now cannot cope with the state army Ruins on their own, but most likely it was not in vain that Russian passports were issued in Donbas ...

There is nothing news, they have been there for a long time.

Quote: ... associated with NATO's attempt to intervene ...
Before and after the "Maidan", reasonable people believed that ignorance of the East Slavic worldview and family ties put the countries of the "West" in an awkward situation, which actually happened.
Now, there is also a clear misunderstanding of the "situation" - Russia, not citizens with passports will have to be protected (it is easier to take them out and resettle in Russia), and REPUTATION LOSSES are IMPOSSIBLE during the seizure of Donbass by Kiev (Here, as they say, wait for the alarm ..). With all this, the indicative minus feature of NATO units is therapeutically useful for cooling the ardor of incompetent NATO leaders dreaming of "the seizure of Kaliningrad, Pskov, Siberia" ... But Russia may not act with regular troops. Yes, and acting by them should not cross the border of Ukraine.

In the network there were only reports of the defeat of the Wagner battalion.