NATO decided to get involved in the war in Syria against Russia

NATO has announced the deployment of air defense against Russian aircraft in Syria.

NATO countries decided to get involved in a military conflict in Syria, opposing Russia. As a countermeasure, the Alliance intends to strengthen air defense in the region, while, obviously, we are talking about the defeat of planes and helicopters over the territory of Syria, which indicates intentions to destroy Russian aircraft as well.

The data on this subject was presented by the head of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, saying that in addition to strengthening air defense in the region, NATO will strongly support Recep Erdogan. Speaking against Russia and Syria, despite the frank occupation of Turkey.

“The Allies condemn the continued indiscriminate air strikes of the Syrian regime and its patron saint of Russia in Idlib.

  • We urge them to stop the offensive
  • Respect international law
  • And support the UN efforts for a peaceful solution.

This dangerous situation must be eliminated in order to avoid further deterioration of the terrifying humanitarian situation in the region and to provide urgent humanitarian access for those trapped in Idlib. We urge an immediate return to the ceasefire agreement in 2018. Today's meeting is a sign of solidarity with Turkey. Turkey is NATO's ally most affected by the terrible conflict in Syria, which has been affected by most terrorist attacks and is home to millions of refugees. NATO continues to support Turkey through a series of measures, including by strengthening its air defense, which will help Turkey counter the threat of missile attacks from Syria. I thank Turkey for regularly informing the Allies about the situation in Syria. The Allies will closely monitor developments on NATO’s southeastern border. ”- it is said in the message.

It is not known what kind of air defense systems are in question, however, experts believe that this approach creates a threat to Russia.

You also need to understand such a thing that Russia will not fight against Turkey with US support. As usual, they will squeeze the cowardly tail and surrender Syria with giblets. Guess three times why? It is easy! Because the children of the leaders of our Great Mighty Russia live anywhere, but not in Russia. So why do they need all this?

Are we tough for them? in general, you need to be aware, to the participants of the bloc, how this might end the confrontation with a nuclear power! Moreover, in 2008, NATO did not help Georgia with their instructors, and then the Russian Federation was much weaker than now!

You can scare even more specific the recipe from the Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi. Only if there is enough will ... it is also called political, you can’t talk with the Turks with your tail

Now Russia has the opportunity to show what it has on TV, this one is actually another.

And what NATA Stoltenberg forgot there, apparently decided to move from computer games to real ones.

A large number of Turks and Turkmens live there, as well as Russians in the Donbass, whom we defend. Maybe this will lead to understanding and you need to understand that Turkey has a 40-fold advantage in military force there. Nuclear Or.tam not apply because she is a member of NATO and this organization is too tough for us.

NATA Stoltenberg decided to play the war, tired of her playing computer games? But here it’s not virtual reality, but the most real one, so let this NATA think carefully before starting it ...

(the most affected by the terrible conflict in Syria), and what Turkey forgot in Syria, there is not even a pebble in Turkey.

Well, there is a golden rule, if you want to pass for clever - keep silent ...

It's time to turn on the back

Be sure they won’t be afraid of you.

NATO has no power to resist the Russian forces, they are scared

The dog barks and the caravan moves on.