The plane in the sky


Named the preliminary cause of the crash of Tu-154

The cause of the crash of Tu-154 could become a technical malfunction.

Despite the fact that it was not possible to find the exact crash site of the Tu-154 aircraft carrying the 91 man to the current minute, experts have already put forward the idea that the main cause of the crash could be a technical failure. On what exactly the conclusions of the experts are based, so far remains unknown, in this connection, it is logical to assume that accurate information on this matter will be announced only after the investigation.

The aircraft carried out the transportation of musicians and artists to organize the concert in Syria, however, when you depart from Sochi, disappeared in radars.

It should be clarified that according to preliminary data, the plane belonging to Russian VKS, crashed in the mountains of Krasnodar region, where rescuers have been sent to the group.

"Plane belonging VKS Russia, crashed in the Krasnodar region of the mountains"
I know, even on the tops of the mountains Cat sand piles, but the Krasnodar mountains znayu.Navernoe not taught in Soviet schools is bad ...)))

Technical fault for 10 seconds destroyed the aircraft, may well be artificial, pre-planned - diversion, external remote influence. Technical features for this mnogo.Podozhdёm komissii.Nastorazhivaet conclusions that one rack found on the waterfront, but not in the sea. Then the plane began to break down in the air before they reach the sea. 10 seconds too short a period for the development of the natural technical fault. After departure the aircraft was serviceable.

Very sorry for the victims, sincere condolences to relatives, friends and relatives.
I also think that it was a terrorist attack. Too serious motivation: the plane fell out of Egypt-Egypt closed. Turks downed bomber stopped flying to Turkey. The plane was flying to Syria. Now they are hoping that we will cease to fly to Syria.

The plane broke into pieces in the air instantly, debris scattered on 1,5 km.! Such a "technical malfunction" in normal people is called an explosion on board!

act of terrorism

- All night my daughter had a high fever, could not knock down any way, because not slept - guarding. I live in the neighborhood, "Blue Dali 'in 1,5 kilometers from the runway. You understand that "audible" excellent! Well I heard the sound of the "Beshki" (Tu-154B2) on takeoff. Very sound disappeared engines. Just Bing disappeared. Without pops and explosions. I do not attach any importance as that - the user adlerass writes.

Russia experienced in Syria, several types of weapons, all successfully, except that they will not congratulate someone, the best in the world of videoconferencing Russia