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The main versions of the crash of the MiG-29SMT fighter in the Astrakhan region are named

Experts have named the main versions of the crash of the MiG-29SMT fighter.

Experts have already begun to investigate the plane crash involving the Russian MiG-29SMT fighter, which crashed the night before at the Ashuluk training ground. As a result of the crash, the pilot who controlled the combat vehicle was killed. At the same time, the fighter fell in a desert area, as a result of which destruction and casualties on the ground were avoided.

As follows from the arguments of specialists, today two main versions of the crash are possible, this is a piloting error and unfavorable meteorological conditions.

According to the meteorological services, such conditions in the area of ​​flights of the MiG-29 fighter were indeed quite difficult, while the combat aircraft could well have fallen into a thunderstorm front.

According to the second version, the pilot of the MiG-29SMT fighter could neglect the flight program and test the aircraft at low altitude. At the same time, a number of sources report that the pilot did not have much experience in controlling the MiG-29 fighter.

The version that the crash happened suddenly is indicated by at least two facts: the pilot did not report any technical malfunctions, and also did not attempt to eject.

With such an aircraft-pad, which is observed this year, it can be predicted that soon the Ukrainian Air Force will equal the number of aircraft with the Russian Aerospace Forces.



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