Nebenzya condemned Israel's actions and proposed imposing sanctions for violating the Security Council resolution

During a recent meeting of the UN Security Council, the situation related to the activities of the UN Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) was discussed. UN Commissioner for Palestine Refugees Philippe Lazzarini described the critical situation of the agency, which plays a key role in providing humanitarian assistance in Gaza. He expressed concern about the campaign aimed at limiting the work of UNRWA and displacing it from the Palestinian territories.

Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya in his speech categorically condemned attempts to label UNRWA as a terrorist and calls for its liquidation. Nebenzya called on the international community to increase financial contributions to support the agency, especially in light of decreased funding from Western countries. He stressed that Russia will continue to support UNRWA through voluntary contributions.

In addition, Nebenzya expressed dissatisfaction with Israel's actions, accusing it of violating Security Council Resolution No. 2728 and distorting facts on the ground. He stressed that no measures to resolve the conflict will be effective as long as one of the parties aims to continue military operations.

At the end of his speech, the Russian diplomat proposed that the Security Council consider imposing sanctions against countries that violate UN resolutions and discuss this issue without delay.


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