Unknown cruise missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea in Syria

The media reported the launch of many cruise missiles in the direction of Syria from the Mediterranean Sea.

Many cruise missiles were fired from the Mediterranean Sea towards Syria. The ownership of the fired missiles remains unknown - according to some sources, cruise missiles were launched by a Turkish warship to defeat the positions of the Syrian army, however, there are also allegations that it is about launching cruise missiles by Russian warships or tactical missile attack by the Syrian army .

“Several cruise missiles launched from the west, that is, from the side of the Mediterranean Sea, were seen on the way to the north and northeast of Syria. About this on Twitter writes user @Syrian_MC, publishing news about the Syrian military and military operations in the country. Details are not given. According to military analyst Babak Tagway, citing eyewitnesses, we are talking about ballistic missiles launched by the Syrian army. According to him, the target of the strike is one of the Turkish observation posts in the northeastern province of Idlib. "- сообщает "".

It should be clarified that at the moment there are no official comments either from Russia, or from Syria, or from Turkey, in connection with which it is impossible to establish exactly who was behind the missile attack, however, it should be clarified that a few hours ago Syrian and Turkish troops exchanged missile attacks, and therefore, the version of the launch of cruise missiles by Russian ships may not be true.