U-35 submarine


German submarine heading for Russian bases in Syria has stopped communicating

The command of the German Navy has lost contact with the submarine heading for the coast of Syria.

The German submarine U-35, heading on an unknown mission initially to the Mediterranean Sea, and later to its eastern part, to the coast of Syria and Russian military bases, suddenly stopped communicating. Considering the data that appeared on social networks, there has been no communication with the submarine for about a day, which caused serious concern among the German military.

At the moment, it remains unknown what exactly happened and where the submarine itself is. This is probably the reason for the intensive flights of NATO aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean.

Experts do not exclude that the submarine of the German Navy deliberately maintains a regime of silence, since it could well have collided either with Russian warships, or, even worse for the German fleet, with Russian submarines of the Varshavyanka class. This, by the way, was by no means included in the plans of the German military command.

At the moment, a search and rescue operation is not planned, however, experts continue to monitor the development of the situation with the German submarine.

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