Norilsk Airport


Bad weather has broken air communication with Norilsk

Five flights to Norilsk were forced to land in Nizhnevartovsk.

According to the online scoreboard airport Norilsk, In the air harbor, three flights from Moscow could not land (two flights of the company "NordStar"And one flight of"globe"), As well as one for flights from Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg operated by« NordStar ».

According to some reports, the cause of an unscheduled landing in Nizhnevartovsk airport was the weather at the airport of Norilsk, but officially this information has not been made public.

It is expected that by mid-day air service to Norilsk airport will be fully restored, however, experts do not exclude that the issue of meteorological conditions can affect the reception and sending of other flights.


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