Fighter F-35


The Netherlands announced the dispatch of F-35 fighter jets to the border of Ukraine

Two F-35 fighters will be sent to the border with Ukraine.

The Netherlands decided to send two F-35 fighter jets to the Ukrainian border. The latter will be stationed at an air base in Romania and, as follows from the data presented, will participate in the Air Policing mission. However, judging by the region where these combat aircraft are deployed, the latter may try to carry out provocations and test Russian air defense systems by approaching the Russian borders from the Black Sea or even from the airspace of Ukraine.

At the moment, it is known that the Netherlands originally planned to send F-16 fighters to patrol the airspace over the Black Sea, but at the last moment changed their mind, choosing F-35 fighters. The deployment of the latter in Romania will take place in April this year. Although combat aircraft do not pose any significant danger, experts are paying attention to the clearly preparing provocations near the Russian borders, especially against the backdrop of the crisis in relations between Russia and NATO.

Taking into account the duration of the NATO Air Policing mission, the Dutch Air Force F-35 fighters will be in Romania for two months

Strange, they used to send Boeings to Ukraine, and now fighters.

Once upon a time, the USSR staged a provocation with Finland, shelled its territory and stated that it was the Finns who fired and unleashed a war against Finland.
For these jokes, the USSR was kicked out of the League of Nations. And Hitler's Germany generally refused to join the League of Nations, so that a good company was selected

This is a good target for our flyers, rocket men. The Dutch remembered 1941 as part of the Wehrmacht, but forgot about 1945. You will have to pay for the stolen collection.

Why do the Russians need help? And they can do it without help

This is what NATO is, what allies mean. And Russia will have to call Kim for help.

The S-400 has been waiting for you for a long time!