missile system "Kedr"


The newest Russian strategic missile system "Kedr" puts an end to the American missile defense

The Russian nuclear strategic missile system "Kedr" is capable of bypassing the American missile defense system.

Despite the fact that the US military announced the development of improved anti-missile defense (ABM) systems, the Kedr nuclear missile system being developed by the Russian military is capable of canceling the US defense against a nuclear strike, since the development of a new missile system is based on new principles, practically fully guaranteeing a breakthrough in the enemy's defense.

Information about the development of the Kedr missile system appeared quite a long time ago, however, it was initially assumed that it was a surface-soil complex, however, as the editors of the news and information publication Avia.pro found out, there will also be a silo-based complex.

The exact timing of the final implementation of the Kedr missile complex project has not been named, however, at the moment there is information that the Kedra hypersonic warhead is based on previously conducted scientific research of the already developed, tested and adopted hypersonic weapon.

It should be noted that today Russia is the leader in the introduction of new types of weapons, and in terms of the development of missile systems, Russia has no rivals at all.

There is no need to invent fables. This complex is 9 years old. And to see him ... you will definitely never be able to. More precisely, you will not have time.

from Kursk and the eagle, fate brought us one victory


I saw this "Cedar" 50 years ago on Red Square. Then he was not a cross, but a hammer and sickle.

Silver parrots rule)))

"Putting an end to the American missile defense" is very inaccurate. The cross was put up by the "Voevoda" in the mid-80s with a huge margin for decades. The task is simply to make Sarmatians and Cedars to replace the Voivods at least no worse than what they did in the USSR, that's enough