The new president of the Czech Republic proposed to accept Ukraine into NATO immediately after the end of the conflict

The new leader of the Czech Republic offered to accept Ukraine into NATO without obligations.

Czech President Petr Pavel believes that Ukraine should be allowed to join NATO as soon as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine ends. This is the first proposal from the Czech Republic to admit Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance. This may indicate that Prague has changed its position on this matter.

“The Ukrainian army will probably be the most experienced army in Europe. Ukraine deserves to be part of the community of democratic countries”- said the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel.

For obvious reasons, the Czech leader does not name any specific dates, however, there is also a very significant problem here - Hungary categorically opposes Ukraine's entry into NATO, and therefore Pavel's proposal is irrelevant.

Experts, in turn, call the statement of the Czech leader very hasty, since one of the main conditions for achieving peace in Ukraine is Kyiv's refusal to join the North Atlantic Alliance. Moreover, such a hasty statement by the new Czech president may indicate that Prague is ready to complicate its relations with Russia.


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