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Detected signal that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea Airbus A320

Egyptian experts were able to catch the signal from the beacon of the crashed aircraft.

As it became known to the current hour, the specialists working at the crash site of the passenger Airbus A320 airliner in the Mediterranean Sea managed to find out the location of the emergency beacon, and therefore experts could be sent to the signal site within the next hours. In turn, it should be noted that the radio signal comes from a specific sector, and therefore, the search for the exact location may take some time, however, in fact, the experts hope to find the exact location of the plane crash before the end of the week.

As for the versions of the plane crash that occurred, the opinions of experts are very different, in particular, the version of the fire on board and the terrorist act is being considered, however, before the flight recorders were extracted from the water and decrypted, the Egyptian authorities and international experts did not wish.