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Posted video of chasing Iranian military boats for the British oil tanker

Social networks have published a video of the chase of Iranian warships for the British oil tanker.

Resource MarineTraffic, which tracks the routes of ships, has published a video recording of the moment that captured the pursuit of Iranian military boats for the British oil tanker The British Heritage in the Persian Gulf.

According to published video, approximately 17 hours 42 minutes (UTC), accompanied by the British oil tanker warship "HMS Montrose" dramatically slowed down its descent, slowing down the speed from the 21,1 node to 7 nodes, which, according to the submitted data, is the moment of unsuccessful Iranian attack military on oil tanker.

Nevertheless, a number of questions raise the fact that some time before the British oil tanker had changed its course and headed for the shores of the United Arab Emirates, made a U-turn, and again began to return to the previous course.

Earlier it became known that the tanker "The British Heritage" twice violated the territorial waters of Iran (probably with the warship "HMS Montrose"), which could serve as a reason for the interception of the ship by the Iranian military.