Zircon rocket hit


Photos of the Zircon missile hitting the target ship published

There are photographs of the consequences of the hit of the Zircon hypersonic missiles on the target ship.

At the disposal of the editorial office of the information and news agency Avia.pro, unique photographs have appeared, which, according to the author, demonstrate the consequences of the hit of the Zircon hypersonic missiles on the target ship. Apparently, the ship received three hits from the Zircon hypersonic missiles, which literally pierced the side of a small tug.

In the photographs presented, you can see the target ship MB-38 after being hit by the Zircon cruise missiles. At the same time, experts note the accuracy of the firing of such missiles, which makes it possible to assert that the guidance of the missile at the target is provided very accurately, and if necessary, Russian ships can launch the entire set of missiles and destroy the enemy ship.

Nevertheless, if earlier it was believed that one hit by a Zircon hypersonic missile would be enough to destroy almost any warship, then, judging by the fact that the small tug survived three hits and remained afloat without receiving any serious destruction beyond the missile's passage zone, this raises some questions about whether the missile will be so effective in the fight against enemy ships.

“If the rocket really accelerates to hypersonic speed, then in the process of hitting a colossal energy should be released and such a tug in the literal sense should have been torn apart. So far, such photographs raise a question as to whether they really show the results of a Zircon missile hit, since otherwise there are already questions about whether the missile itself is so effective. ", - the expert marks.

There are no official comments on this yet.

It looks like a grenade launcher, Zircon would not leave rivets from this vessel! And who said that this is the result of a Zircon strike? Look at the logo of the picture, it's Hollywood))

Nobody is going to convince you. Those for whom this information is intended understand everything and correctly assess.

I understand, very large experts in the field of rocketry, but the products are without explosives.

And I am happy with how Shoigu's subordinates are banging and not happy when they cut the budget with him!

Instead of the Combat Unit, there was its imitation and the purpose of the tests was not to destroy the target, but to ensure the necessary and sufficient accuracy of hitting it (target)

At hypersound speed, an empty rocket would blow such a ship to pieces!

They beat me with a blank, of course) the bullet won't break a sheet of paper either

there is a doubt, but do they hang noodles on our ears? that is a little hard to believe, or maybe another show-off?

There was no point in drowning the target, so they hit the side without an equipped warhead. If the blow had hit the upper plane from top to bottom, even without an equipped warhead, the tug would most likely have sunk. Well, 500 kg of explosives would simply blow up the ship.

Most likely they shot with a blank to check the accuracy of the hit. if it drowns the first time, then what next?

Zircons without warheads, training.

Are you sure that the missile warhead was not filled with sand? And if it was with a charge, then the target ships will not be enough. Something like this...

Why are you lying to the author. You are pakhably rocket Zircon. There would not have been this tug after 1 Zircon hit)))

This is not Zircon.
First, when was Zircon shot several times in a row?
Secondly, given the kinetic energy that Zircon possesses, these holes have nothing to do with it.

warhead no "weight blank" only flight characteristics are checked

rather, the missiles were without a combat explosive unit, they filled the pieces of iron - wet sand)) to the mass of a real warhead. so that the dear target is not drowned

Author, did you teach physics? it is clear that no, but I don’t want to explain, in short, at this speed, there should be a hole in the diameter of the rocket, everything.

But what kind of "experts" on your site. Apparently they don't even remember the school physics course. It is high time for the editorial board to think about it. Everyone has been laughing at your news feed for a long time. Here is another pearl of couch analysts.

the task of the zircon is to hit the stern and fly out through the bow together with the power plant of the aircraft carrier

Hello editors, why did you decide that the superstructure should, upon impact of a hypersonic body, first gather on the projectile passing through it and then fall apart? in the photo, the through spans of the rocket engine and nothing more

Perhaps they just shot blanks, without ammunition

Zircon without a loaded warhead, so there is no big destruction, only the inlet and outlet to understand the aiming accuracy. Kinetic energy has nothing to do with it, if the target breaks through, kinetic energy flies by. It's like plowing "crowbars" on a plywood technique, it will sew through and damage anyone if it doesn't touch the engine or someone else from the crew.

The authors are not. If an ordinary bullet hits ordinary glass to smithereens, then it leaves only a hole. Think .....



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