PMC "Wagner" again ?! Russian citizens were detained in Minsk again

In Belarus, mass arrests and beatings of citizens of the Russian Federation began again.

Over the past day, citizens of the Russian Federation were again detained on the territory of Belarus, who are suspected of heating up the situation in the country against the background of the presidential elections being held. As it became known, we are talking mainly about Russian journalists, and the actions of the Belarusian authorities have already been condemned by Russia, especially since we are talking about the second case in the last two weeks.

At the moment it is known that journalists of the leading Russian news agencies, who were accused by the Belarusian authorities of destabilizing the situation and of course an unsanctioned rally, suffered. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the actions of the Belarusian authorities and law enforcement agencies unacceptable.

“Today he has been in the position of Director of the Department for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Foreign Ministry for 5 years. I didn't think that on that day I would be protecting Russian journalists from the disproportionate actions of the security forces in fraternal Belarus. This is definitely not brotherly. You can not do it this way"- приводит words of Maria Zakharova, RIA Novosti.

Experts note that the Belarusian authorities played out a similar scenario during the arrest of 33 citizens of the Russian Federation accused of extremism, linking their arrival in Belarus with an attempt to overthrow the government and still not presenting any evidence.

“In Minsk, they obviously started playing in“ foreign interference ”, in PMCs and so on. Judging by what happened in Belarus less than a day ago, it is hard to believe that more than 80% of voters voted for Lukashenka. Minsk can get to the point that neither Russia nor the West will recognize the elections "- said the Russian analyst.

It should be clarified that the current location of many Russian journalists in Belarus remains unknown - they still cannot get in touch

Good day! I am also of the same opinion that Vladimir wrote on August 10, 2020. I also have great doubts about this staging of the event in the republic of Belarus. All the same, my conviction is that this provocation was specially made to add more fuel to the fire.

Are you sure that these are real journalists? I mean that the West has already come across having a military uniform of the Russian Federation for destabilization in the same Ukraine and Syria, then to blame the Kremlin by showing incomprehensible people in the military uniform of the Kremlin in the media