Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


Report on the crash of the flight MH17 will present 15 October

The official report on the disaster will be submitted MH17 15 October.

According to experts, investigators from the Netherlands will provide a full report on the causes of the crash of a passenger airliner, and it is likely that they can name the possible perpetrators, however, skeptics assume that in fact the official report will contain information of an exclusively technical nature, and in essence only versions will be announced , Which still need to be worked out and studied.

Not so long ago to the Dutch experts were made speech incriminating experts in their incompetence and low professionalism, and, this is due mainly to the fact that during the investigation of witnesses the disaster were not included, and some fragments of the crashed plane is still on the crash site.

According, there is also the likelihood that in the report will be made a formal opinion on the need for a tribunal into the disaster.


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