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Passenger flight Lisbon - Dublin died because of fear of flight

During the execution of the flight from Lisbon to Dublin, died 24-year-old passenger of a panic attack.

The incident with the death of 24-year-old young man there was, according to news agency, on the eve of the day, and, as it became known, even at the time of landing a man on the plane behaved very inappropriately, in particular, ask the flight attendants about the safety of the flight.

Subsequently, when overcoming half the distance to London (about an hour flight - Ed.)., Panic men increased sharply, he fell into a hysterical state, and even bitten by one of the passengers.

To prevent panic, the crew members were forced to pacify the strange young man, but even before the emergency landing, the man died, according to preliminary data, due to cardiac arrest caused by a severe nervous breakdown.