For the first time, the Israeli F-35 opened fire from air defense systems

For the first time, the "invisible" F-35 fighters were attacked by air defense systems.

During the next IDF attack on the Gaza Strip, for the first time, air defense fire was opened on Israeli fighters. According to a number of sources, members of the Hamas movement have deployed their portable anti-aircraft missile systems, which is the first time that American F-35 fighters have been attacked in the history of the latter.

It is known that during the night raid against the Gaza Strip, the Israeli side did indeed use its F-35 fighters, however, how exactly the Hamas forces managed to determine the location of the Israeli combat aircraft remains unknown. Since there is no information about downed Israeli fighters by the current hour, experts believe that MANPADS do not have real effectiveness, especially since such complexes have a very limited range of destruction of targets.

According to a number of assumptions, information about the current position of Israeli fighters during the attack on Gaza could have been shared by the Syrian or Egyptian military, however, analysts draw attention to the fact that in such a situation, blindfire gives only a minimal chance of successfully hitting a target.

“It is important to understand that a fighter is very different from a helicopter that flies at low altitudes and has a limited range. Rather, it is not even about an attack, but only about the intentions to hit a certain aircraft flying from the direction of Israel ", - notes the specialist

It should be noted that as a result of the strikes by the Palestinians on the coastal cities of Israel, there is very significant damage, already estimated at several hundred million dollars, while the attacks by Hamas continue.

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