A new warning airstrike struck a column of Turkish military

The Turkish military delegation climbed into Khan Sheikhun without demand and was immediately hit by an air strike.

A day earlier, the Turkish military delegation was spotted in the northern part of Khan Sheikhun, where it tried to get without the appropriate permission of the Syrian and Russian military, and therefore came under a warning blow from the Syrian Air Force.

In the photographs you can see how a patrol of several vehicles with a delegation is located in the northern suburbs of Khan Sheikhun, however, the Syrian military launched a warning airstrike, after which the Turkish delegation had to evacuate to the north - in the village of Maarrat en Nuuman.

What was the purpose of the appearance of the Turkish military delegation in Khan Sheikhun is unknown, however, after the Turkish military refused to leave the observation post in the area of ​​the settlement Morek, the Syrian army simply encircled them, forbidding, according to some reports, to leave the territory of the checkpoint before appropriate permission.

It is noteworthy that Russian military aircraft were also seen in attacks on the surroundings of Khan Sheikhun, which suggests that the aerospace forces continue to protect the Syrian air force during attacks.