After NATO provocations, the Russian military intend to block access to the Gulf of Finland

Russian ships and missile systems will block access to the Gulf of Finland.

The Russian defense department has decided to block access to the Gulf of Finland by deploying a group of ships and coastal missile systems. This is due to the holding of special military exercises, within the framework of which it is planned to block access to this area for a conditional enemy.

According to the data available to the news agency, within the framework of the military exercises, it is planned not only to work out countering the ships of the imaginary enemy, but also to mine a vast area in order to maximize the protection of the approach to the Gulf of Finland.

It is noteworthy that the conduct of exercises in this area may be due to the fact that over the past five years, NATO ships regularly approached the waters of the Gulf of Finland at a distance sufficient to launch cruise missiles, although provocations occurred much more often near Crimea. Among other things, it is known that these maneuvers are preparation for other exercises called "West-2021", which will be conducted jointly with neighboring Belarus.

It would be advisable to practice maneuvers with a quick installation of depth mines for obstacle training. Well, as always, when removing the installed ones, leave a little in a combat position with a note for their own where they are "accidentally" forgotten.

Three times you need to write in open forums and even on Facebook in order to adopt a strategy of inevitability of self-detonation when invading ter. waters of the Russian Federation NATO members. One day they will take off and themselves will be to blame. (after all, they were warned in connection with the teachings!). Something for admirals, this option is difficult to come by !!!

* After NATO provocations, the Russian military intend to block access to the Gulf of Finland * Why are such headlines warning the enemy about their intentions prematurely: Do they warn Russia, for example, with * Defender *? Or can Russia deliver missiles to Cuba a few years ahead? Why would the United States immediately flee to Cuba! This is a military secret!