Deliveries of spare parts for Ukrainian fighters are carried out by the countries of the former USSR through the "black market"

The United States supplies Ukraine with spare parts for Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters through the "black market".

Most likely, the deliveries may be carried out by one of the countries that previously actively purchased these combat aircraft from the Soviet Union or from Russia. The United States confirmed the fact that they are supplying spare parts for Ukrainian Air Force fighters, however, Washington does not physically have such a large number of spare parts for these combat aircraft, while countries allied with the United States have already transferred spare parts to Ukraine.

“A US official said: “Ukrainians operate Soviet-made aircraft. Indeed, we have been actively involved in trying to procure a large number of spare parts for these aircraft so that we can keep them ready to fly.” Although the American official did not mention the source of the parts, it is likely that the source is some of the countries of the former Soviet Union that own the MiG and Sukhoi aircraft. Russia has been emphasizing the supply of spare parts to international suppliers, fearful of sending some of them to Ukraine. However, some cloned and disassembled parts end up in the Ukrainian Air Force.”- reports the publication "Defense Arabia".

According to a number of data, to date, up to 30 sets of spare parts for MiG-29 fighters and up to 5 sets for Su-27 fighters have been transferred to Ukraine.

Delivery of spare parts through "black market" led to the fact that spare parts, which Ukraine can not get anywhere else, are supplied at inflated prices.