The first image of the newest Russian double-barreled self-propelled guns on the Armata platform appeared

The first images of the Russian double-barreled self-propelled guns on the Armata platform are presented.

After a few days ago the news agency reported that a unique self-propelled artillery unit on the Armata platform, a distinctive feature of which would be the presence of two guns, would appear in Russia in the near future, the first images of how will look like a unique "self-propelled gun".

In the images presented, you can see a conceptual version of the latest Russian self-propelled artillery mount and an image of an already partially assembled self-propelled gun at a Russian enterprise (presumably we are talking about a prototype - ed.). Based on the data provided, the self-propelled artillery unit will have two 152 mm guns. and ammunition of the order of 40-50 ammunition.

Taking into account the previously announced information that each salvo can be fired by the latest self-propelled guns within just two seconds, it will take only 2 minutes to completely shoot the ammunition of a unique artillery installation.

Taking into account the prospects of this weapon, experts believe that in the near future a new generation self-propelled artillery unit may be tested in Syria.

she is old and out of development

Why did you decide that this is an armata? This is the first version of the coalition !!!

As always, bullshit. This project has long been abandoned

This photo is already 8 years old for sure! Trunks in the tower "msta", if that's just an example of what will happen. And the double-barreled gun, primarily for economic reasons, was canceled, as far as I heard. But the idea is not bad.

The Coalition-SV refused two barrels at the initial stage of work, and no one is going to return to this idea. There were a lot of shortcomings, ranging from an increase in the mass of the fighting compartment, to vibrations transmitted when firing from one barrel to another, and reducing accuracy. And they were able to provide the required practical rate of fire of 16 rounds per minute with one barrel.

why not four guns? It would be possible to smack at the planes, only it is necessary that the railway was nearby (to bring up the shells). But seriously, this is a waste of money, for a long time there have been multiple launch rocket systems and more "barrels".

This is "Coalition-SV"

It is a pity that the St. Coalition did not manage to finish the double-barreled gun to mind. So it remained a prototype. I hope the defense industry will succeed on the new platform