There was a video of the destruction of a Taliban squad, which was ambushed

Nearly a hundred Taliban terrorists were ambushed by resistance forces and killed.

Against the background of statements by the Taliban that the information about the defeat of the terrorist units was not true, the Northern Alliance forces published a video of a fleeting battle, in which about 80 Taliban militants were killed in just a few minutes (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed. .), and about two dozen more were captured.

In the video footage presented, you can see how a group of Taliban was trapped in a gorge and powerful fire was opened on it from machine guns, machine guns and even RPGs, as a result of which the militants were defeated in just a few minutes. The exact number of terrorist casualties has not been disclosed. Apparently, the losses of the Taliban are quite significant, especially since it was previously reported that since the beginning of the clashes in Panjshir, the Taliban have already lost about 2,5 thousand terrorists killed, while about a thousand may be injured.

According to experts, the rebel forces could use drones in order to determine the likely breakout points of the militants, since to date, every terrorist attack was interrupted by an ambush.

Taliban officials have yet to comment on the ambush killing of militants. Given the fact that terrorists still cannot even get close to the areas held by the resistance forces, the situation is the worst for the Taliban.




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