Fighter crash


When the fighter of the Syrian Air Force fell, civilians died

As a result of the collapse of the Syrian fighter, 27 people were killed.

The fighter belonged to the Syrian Air Force and was destroyed by bandit groups belonging to the terrorist group "Jays al Fath". When a projectile fired a portable anti-aircraft missile system, the plane fell on the residential houses of the city of Idlib, resulting in the death of 27 people and about two dozen people were seriously injured.

The fate of the crew of the military fighter at the moment remains unknown, and the reason for everything is conflicting data - according to the testimony of some representatives in the Syrian Air Force's military department, the pilots managed to eject, but local residents who were in the immediate vicinity of the crash site reported the death of the pilots.

Information resource notes that during the current year the Syrian air forces lost at least 8 fighters, moreover, most of the aircraft were destroyed by the air forces of other countries, in particular Turkey.  


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