Verification of private jets in the Belgorod region.


Verification of private jets in the Belgorod region.

8 October it became known that all private planes will be checked. The reason was the landing in the territory of Korochansky district of AN-2 aircraft. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing near the village of Sevryukovo. The ship caught fire immediately after the passenger and pilot got out and moved to a safe distance.

As it became known, the former AN-2 was flying the AN-2000 aircraft. The vessel was acquired in 2013 year. Before the period of purchase the plane did not fly and was defective. And in XNUMX, the owner decided to make money on it, flying over the fields and sprinkling them. Any documents and permits a former pilot was not, and the term of the certificate expired in 1996 year.

After such an event, the police will have to check out all the private jets.

Fortunately, the crash landing did not take place in the village or on the road and in the field.