DPR air defense captured an American military aircraft over the Donbass

Air defense systems of the DPR discovered and escorted an American military aircraft over the Donbass.

During recent visits by US military reconnaissance aircraft to the airspace of Donbass, it became known that an unidentified air defense system not only detected an American reconnaissance aircraft (probably this also applies to strike control aircraft), but also accompanied it for a long time. Given the clearly aggressive actions of the United States against the self-proclaimed republics due to the pro-Russian attitude of the citizens of the latter, the command of the US Air Force decided to abandon further flights and unmanned aerial vehicles were again returned to the sky over the Donbass.

According to information available to the news agency, a few hours ago, instead of a standard reconnaissance aircraft, an American strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk operated in the Donbass. At about the same time, but at some distance, a British military reconnaissance aircraft was operating. According to the assumptions made, after the risks that the DPR air defense units could attack American military aircraft were revealed, it was decided to replace them with drones.

To date, according to official data, the most long-range systems in service with the DPR and LPR are the Strela-10 air defense systems, although a few weeks ago there was information that reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force had detected Buk complexes of an unidentified modification not far from the front, - if we are talking about the Buk-M2 version or even the older version of the Buk-M1-2, then the latter could well have accompanied American aircraft over the Donbass.

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