Drunkenness battle aboard Aeroflot!


Drunkenness battle aboard Aeroflot!

Due to a drunken brawler, on September 28, at the airport of Tashkent, an unplanned, emergency landing of an airplane from Moscow took place. Airlines Aeroflot. Thus, the plane of the Russian airline Aeroflot, which was carrying passengers and flying from Moscow to Phuket Island, Thailand, made a forced, unplanned landing at the international airport of Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent. The reason for the landing, served as the inadequacy of the behavior of a drunken passenger. 

Airbus A 330 "took off on schedule from Sheremetyevo airport in the direction of Phuket. But, while it was over Uzbekistan, an emergency occurred that forced emergency measures. The flight commander reported to dispatchers that one of the passengers was time spent on board the aircraft, went through alcoholic beverages, and behaves completely inadequate with respect to its location and situation, does not respond to the comments of passengers, as well as the crew. 

After the plane landed, the passenger was handed over to the Tashkent city police. In the wake of him, followed by his wife. The situation turned out to be so difficult that the doctors in Tashkent had to provide medical assistance to the injured passengers.


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