Five Russian warships spotted in Polish territorial waters

A group of five Russian warships has been spotted in Polish territorial waters.

A few hours ago, open monitoring resources drew attention to the suspicious activity of a group of five Russian warships, which allegedly ended up in the territorial waters of Poland, making, in the literal sense of the expression, a circle of honor and laid down on the opposite course.

At the moment, it is known that we are talking about the ships that took part in the military exercises "West-2021", however, how the Russian warships managed to penetrate the territorial waters of Poland is unknown.

According to other information, the reason for the appearance of a group of Russian warships in the territorial waters of Poland is the impact of an unknown electronic warfare complex on spacecraft, which monitor the situation in the region. It is argued that the appearance of Russian ships in Polish waters is a consequence of a failure in the GPS system, which may well be relevant, since the use of electronic warfare equipment was supposed to be used in the framework of the Zapad-2021 military exercises.

At the moment, there are no explanations on this score either from Poland or from Russia.

Russian ships go on American GPS, let Russia shut its mouth about its military power.

If the GPS was turned off, then the Russian ships did not enter Poland.

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And rightly so! Where we want, we go there.

Does Russia have so many warships ?!

Our ships entered (as the Englishmen said) on the basis of the right of free navigation

I am translating from Polish into Russian. Two boats flying the Russian flag passed by the Polish territorial waters on a fishing trip in search of herring.

"GPS Failed", what nonsense? Firstly, the ships of the Navy do not use GPS for navigation, but Glonass, and secondly, satellite navigation systems are not used as the main ones ...

It's time to remove the monitoring satellites from orbit, the garbage dump has been waiting for them for a long time))))))

And what is Poland doing on the route of our ships?

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