Russia is preparing to overtake Italy in the growth of the number of infected with the coronavirus COVID-19

The spread of coronavirus in Russia is approaching Italy.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization and the Russian headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, the situation in the country remains such that the number of newly infected with coronavirus quickly approaches the indicators of Italy, and judging by statistics, by the beginning of next week, these figures may be equal.

According to the data of the operational headquarters, the day before in Russia 1175 new cases of infection with coronavirus were detected, while in Italy this figure is 2100 people, which, in turn, suggests that while maintaining current trends, within the next 3-4 days coronavirus in Russia can outstrip the European state in terms of its spread, which was considered a few days ago the most affected by COVID-19.

“If in most countries there is already a reduction in the number of new infections of a new type of coronavirus, in Russia this indicator is actively growing, despite emergency measures. It’s obvious that if the situation continues to deteriorate, they can indeed introduce an emergency regime and announce strict quarantine, however, at the moment, this is not necessary ”, - the expert marks.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that today mortality from coronavirus in Russia remains at an extremely low level, leaving less than one percent, while in Italy this figure is 10-12 times higher.

In Italy, at the peak it was +6600 per day, and now it is +3800 per day. Where did the 2100 come from?