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Russia may allow the Syrian military to drown the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman

The Syrian army can make a revenge by drowning an American aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.

The appearance in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​a carrier-based strike group of the US Navy, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Harry Truman, can have an unexpected ending and a serious blow for the entire American fleet. According to experts, in the event of any provocation by the United States, Syria can easily get the “go-ahead” from Russia to drown an aircraft carrier right off its coast.

At the moment, Syria’s arsenal lacks the means to deal with an aircraft carrier strike group, however, this issue can be resolved in just a few hours, for which it’s enough for Russia to transfer coastal missile systems to the Syrian government forces.

“From a distance of several hundred kilometers, the X-35 cruise missiles used at the Bal DBK can easily be torn apart by an American aircraft carrier. To send to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea an American aircraft carrier, only a few missiles are enough. It’s possible that Russia is considering a similar opportunity ”, - the expert marks.

Analysts have suggested that the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman is heading to the eastern Mediterranean for new provocations, however, in the event of the slightest threat, Russia will be ready to defend Syrian territory from attacks, and giving the Syrian military the right to destroy the AUG could be revenge for Damascus on US missile strikes in the 2018 year.

and you try to twitch - and see what happens, puppies are able to bark

Vladimir, Russia is too kind.

Tear off the springboard at the end of the deck and the take-off angle will be horizontal, well, there are holes in the deck so that the aircraft stumbles during take-off.

Bullshit. From Fukushima, these Curie were washed away more times in 10 - and nothing.

There will be nothing. Russia, as always engaged in trepidation. They still believed from the beginning, and now Russia has proved in Syria and in International affairs that it can only chat.

Russia is cowardly for such things! Now, if Nikita was at the helm now ...

Patriot is an air defense system

This will be an advertisement for our weapons. Not that their Patriot is incapable of anything

If you want, then you can. Only a little sink. Not really, so that he could at least swim to the house. All the same, it is necessary, humanly, to have relatives and friends around.

It will be much cooler than a refinery in CA.

But nothing. Your children and money are with you, and with decision-makers - in Europe and America.

why are you so worried ea Europeans. obviously transferring money to western banks.

Who are "we? You better think about your taken away pension, and other countries themselves will sort it out somehow. It is enough for the Americans to only threaten to freeze the exported billions of the Lake cooperative, to disconnect Raissa from financial flows, to expel the Raissi patriots along with the children from their favorite NATO countries, and no aircraft carriers will need to be drowned, since the budget of the existing gas station for petrodollars will be bent through 3 months, and Those who wish to repeat will return back from a pose on their knees to a pose on all fours.

And then what? Or look no further than your nose?


Where did you see the “sovereign state” in Syria?
On the one hand, there are gangs of different murky types, on the other, an incomprehensible president, for whom Russians and Iranians are fighting.

Syrians cannot deal with rubber boats!
shoot down their own and Russian planes -
and then the aircraft carrier !!!!!!!!

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How interesting here! Just like in our collective farm: every gopher is a brigadier.

Kuznetsov is now at home.

thinking about the fate of the world, we will not grovel before the Americans on this basis, as most countries do, and Kuznetsov will stand up for himself one of the most armed ships in the world.

And why should Russia allow a sovereign state to defend itself from direct aggression?

And why should Russia allow a sovereign state to defend itself from direct aggression?

All repeats. In the 70's, I served in the Strategic Missile Forces and pressed the same red button on the 6 fleet. True, then, the fleet "sailed" back and forth due to Pollock (?) And Shatila (?) ... :))

Caliber unit costs ~ 500 thousand $

Flushing a nuclear aircraft carrier ... I am sure that everyone will be glad that somewhere in the sea at the bottom this good will lie. There are submarines that they cannot raise because of the threat to the environment, and here we add. About Kuznetsov, he is now standing like a barge, without screws, a dock has just begun to build under it, just as winter has begun yet.

You will not believe! But Syria has its own anti-ship missiles! Purchased from Russia. Put on combat duty.
Hit Yandex .. he will tell!
So the question of money is no longer worth it! They are already bought!
Now, possessing this KNOWLEDGE received from me, evaluate the level of "news" that "Russia can transfer RCC to Syria." Yes Syria has long been OWNER, official ,! And everyone knows about it! And the contracts are official! Hit Yandex!

And the price of these missiles? I think 80 subsonic is cheaper than 25 supersonic ...

But if the United States gives permission to "its" Syrians to sink the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, we will be left without an aircraft carrier fleet. And when the conflict escalates to such a level, you need to think about the fate of Russia, if you really don't want to think about the fate of the world.

Iran will be happy to help tear down the US aircraft carrier

The ball has subsonic missiles. To melt the entire AUG, you need a salvo of about 80 missiles. But the supersonic BastionOnixes, you can destroy the entire group in one gulp of 20-25 missiles