Russia strikes UAF facilities with R-500 cruise missiles

The objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hit by R-500 cruise missiles.

The objects of the Ukrainian army were subjected to powerful strikes using R-500 tactical cruise missiles. The latter were launched with the help of Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, which managed to prove themselves quite well during the special military operation.

Video footage shows a pair of Russian Iskander tactical missile systems moving into the missile launch area. Already having the coordinates of the targets, Russian military equipment makes operational deployment and launches missiles, after which it successfully withdraws. In fact, the complexes were withdrawn even before the launched cruise missile hit the target. This indicates the fact that the use of a counterattack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is impossible.

It is not known exactly which targets were hit, however, earlier such weapons have already quite successfully allowed to disrupt the plans of the Ukrainian army to organize the transfer of military equipment, send military supplies and offensive plans. This is due to the great destructive power of these tactical weapons.

Experts note that the R-500 missiles have already been used in the NWO zone.


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