Russia will send US assistance in the fight against coronavirus, but Washington will not lift sanctions

Russia has offered the United States assistance in the fight against coronavirus.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov said that Russia is ready to assist the United States in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection, in any quantity required. We can talk about the direction of Russian military aircraft in the United States, as has already been done in Italy.

“Russia is ready to help the United States in the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, if necessary. This was stated by Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Washington Anatoly Antonov. “Ordinary Americans should know - Russia, if necessary, will be ready to help the United States, as it has repeatedly offered assistance in putting out fires in California,” the agency quoted him as saying. Antonov called the coronavirus pandemic a global threat, a challenge to all of humanity, which must be fought together, and called for a rejection of the outdated logic of dividing countries into political blocs. ”- сообщает "".

At the moment, there are no comments from Washington on this subject, however, given the indignation of Russian citizens regarding the provision of assistance to Italy against the background of increasing incidence in Russia, experts believe that a flurry of criticism may fall on the authorities.

“Given the fact that the pandemic is actively spreading in the United States, we can talk about sending dozens of boards, however, it is logical to assume that the United States will refuse Russian assistance. Nevertheless, no one will lift the sanctions, against which, the question arises whether it is necessary to help those who threaten to destroy the Russian economy and plan to launch nuclear strikes, " - notes the specialist.

The United States has many billionaires, they will be shocked a bit, let them cope. If it were a poor African country, or India, where sick people are constantly buried on rafts, running along the Ganges. ... Although there at least help, at least not, unsanitary conditions are complete.

here they are the actions of bureaucrats with foreign property and relatives. myself at public expense.

Antonov. Help for your money, assistant. And then do not come back from there. People like you in the 30s already helped Hitler when the German people felt bad ...


First of all, we need to protect our children and our families, otherwise it turns out we treat our children by collecting pennies from the people for operations, and we want to help our enemies free of charge. The assistance provided by Italy is enough. Let us first put things in order.

Help America ?! As one philosopher said: kindness sometimes borders on stupidity.

They need help, as they do to us. In the Second World War. How many gold coins have they rolled off.

Love your enemies.

initiative is punishable

For this, we must wear masks for everyone. Then all patients will be guaranteed in masks. Simple logic.

We help everyone except their own. It's a pity...

I doubt the veracity of the information. The USA is an open enemy of Russia and we will not help the enemy.

Enough of Italy.

RUSSIA always helps everyone. I am for US help, but they will give up out of fear of RUSSIA. It will also be a blow to the image of the Americans.

To offer them help is a betrayal ..

I'm against. Help yours.

They help their families who have been living there for a long time.

There aren’t enough masks in the country, we are told from the screens that patients should wear masks, but we saw masks and gloves in China, how to separate patients from healthy ones? There aren’t enough tests for everyone, we need masks for this.

What a mess if it's true. that Russia is going to help the United States (The problems themselves are full, but help the worst enemy? People, such a "noble" act cannot be allowed, I am against it, and you?

What this help says, sanctions are useless.

enemy of our enemy ... our friend?

But this is absolutely true !!! A disgrace to the whole world when on TV they ask people to chip in for the treatment of a child. And where is our state, which should take care of its children, of its people ???


It’s necessary to help, of course. But the USA will cope on its own. And their sanctions are useful to us in some ways!

I already help them. To the best of my strength, of course. Morally.

Well, let Antonov help them with his salary. She probably has a big one.

It would be better if they helped their sick children

Distribute masks to your population first, and then help

I think I can sympathize. Can I help? Those citizens of the Russian Federation who have income in the United States even help at their own expense.

Better start help from your country. But if they ask for help, then there is no need to refuse.