Russia responded to Erdogan's ultimatum with powerful air strikes

Russia inflicted powerful blows to the positions of terrorists in Idlib after the ultimatum of Ankara.

Attempts by the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan to intimidate the Russian and Syrian military resulted in colossal losses for terrorists in the province of Idlib, which was caused by large-scale strikes by the Russian Air Force, resumed 36 hours after the military ultimatum of the Turkish leader.

According to sources in the Syrian army, Russian combat aircraft began to carry out massive air strikes against terrorists shortly before the meeting of the Russian and Turkish delegations, and in only a few hours the militants suffered losses measured by hundreds of people. It is reported that the militants lost at least 6 units of armored vehicles, at least two MLRS installations and several vehicles.

“An attempt to threaten Russia and its allies is one of the greatest nonsense. If the Turkish military had made attempts to defeat the positions of the SAA or the Russian troops, this would have ended with attacks on the observation posts of Turkey, whose military is absolutely illegal in the Arab Republic. It remains only to ask whether Erdogan wants to continue to threaten Russia? ”, - said the analyst

It should be clarified that in the framework of the meeting, Russia only accepted Turkey’s intentions to maintain its observation posts in Syria, however, any ultimatums are absolutely unacceptable, since Turkey does not fulfill its agreements under the Sochi agreement.

Victor, as a rule, women like to talk about “peasants”.
And if we talk about business, it’s very foolish to try the usual geopolitical struggle of different parties (for each of which not angels fight at all, including the Assad regime), to imagine as a struggle of absolute good, if we support one of the parties, and absolute evil, if we we do not support it.
That is how the USSR tried to behave in all conflicts, showing "what it has," only collapsed in the end, since no rockets and planes without a strong economy can save the country from bankruptcy.

it’s strange somehow - like men are having a conversation - but the content is not masculine. I would like to ask those who think how much money flew away - and you served in the army. Do you know what this is the use of our weapons? Do you look at the situation around your country and generally understand what is happening? We are now using these weapons there in order to destroy the beast that brings death to mankind and to show the rest what we have and what we can do - those whose missiles and planes are standing along our borders. So if you do not show yourself and your weapon. if you don’t prepare the army in such a situation and situation, you will be a slave to a foreign army and a foreign country

S-400 for export may explode at launch, anything can happen ..

It was necessary to not cut and explode mine missiles in '91 in the atmosphere. Now the rocket launchers could train in precision firing on those who prevent the Syrians from peacefully and rob their country.

For some reason, they don’t consider this in other countries, especially in the USA, which is always set as an example, and people were immediately robbed from us. What country are you worried about? If it’s for the United States, then it’s clear that you don’t like when Russia defends its rights.

Unfortunately, ensuring their delivery there for "disposal" is still much more expensive. Fit the carriage and ... besides this, something else remains. Or over the air with the corresponding additional costs of maintenance and increased security?

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and why not allow the disposal of old ammunition in Syria? They also need money for their scrap in Russia. And here is the savings and benefits.

The only way!

More “business” - less talk! This “military rabble” understands ONLY FORCE - the power of Russian weapons! Russia will not get used to the “running boards”, they will beat all “evil spirits” and we will beat, if only we would not return (did not come) to Russia - here it’s more difficult to fight them, the civilian population suffers, so we will “beat” on FAR ACCESS!

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Yes, enough of your eternal discontent and nagging about the worthless life to cover up with people's money and pensioners. When a bomb explodes at the door of your house, you will start yelling why you didn’t destroy it before. Divorced you like that.

Money flew away very little - if you count the terrorist attacks and the number of deaths in the territory of the Russian Federation - and count the prevented terrorist attacks by disposing of more than 15 - 20 thousand only fanatics from the former USSR and more than 50-70 thousand from all over the world which the West and the USA with their vassals prepared after the victory throw over Damascus in the Russian Federation!

About pensions you got up to the place ... Without them in any way?

Of course, you would be more pleased that RUSSIA sat quietly like a mouse and did not think about its interests and safety and immediately the pension would be higher, and its terms would not be postponed. Do not carry nonsense, it is defending your interests (quite successfully) that RUSSIA is growing stronger and the filthy Anglo-Saxons and other rabble have to reckon with it

Reported, of course, beautifully, you can’t say anything. But how much people’s money flew for six units of rusty armored vehicles can only be guessed at. People’s pension was taken away and now you can play war games.
Erdogan pokh ..., he has a gas pipe, an evil atom, S-400, at any moment he will throw it, as it has already happened more than once (downed planes, dead pilots).

No matter how much Erdogan feeds, he is still looking at Washington. Recall the story. 13 times Russia fought with Turkey and all 13 times Turkey was beaten (on land and at sea). The cunning Erdogan is quietly sharpening the scimitar to treacherously put him in the back of the Russian Federation. No faith in the Turk!

calibers must be remembered. and then there NATO completely unbelted