Russia deployed 6 Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers to NATO borders

180 kilometers from the border with NATO, Russia has deployed at least 6 strategic bombers.

Against the backdrop of NATO's threatening behavior, six Russian strategic bombers capable of carrying both conventional missile and bomb weapons and nuclear weapons were spotted at the Olenya military airbase on the Kola Peninsula. The appearance of six bombers here at once, just 180 kilometers from the border with NATO, was a serious reminder to the North Atlantic Alliance that Russia does not intend to reckon with any threats to its sovereignty.

Satellite images taken on August 21 show that there were four Tu-160 strategic bombers at the airbase, however, on September 25, there are already three Tu-160 strategic bombers and three Tu-95 strategic bombers at the air base .

All aircraft are simply colossal power and clearly demonstrate to the West that in the event of the slightest provocation and encroachment on Russian sovereignty, these aircraft will immediately be put into action. Given the range of target destruction, strikes from the Arctic may well be carried out throughout Europe, as well as on the territories of Canada and the United States.


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