Russia lifted fighter jets from the Khmeimim airbase after Israeli aircraft appeared over the Mediterranean Sea

Russian fighter jets are raised over the Mediterranean after the appearance of Israeli aircraft.

A group of Russian fighters was raised from the Khmeimim airbase, located in the Syrian province of Latakia, after Israeli combat aircraft appeared over the Mediterranean Sea and in Lebanese airspace. The data on this subject is provided by the columnist of the Syrian edition of SAA News.

According to the data presented, around 21:30, a group of Israeli combat aircraft was lifted into the sky and headed towards the Lebanese and Syrian coasts. Just a few minutes later, Russian combat aircraft were also seen in the sky.

“Recently, Israeli warplanes crossed the airspace of Gaza towards the Mediterranean Sea. Russian warplanes have also been spotted over the Syrian coast."- said in the message.

Information in this regard is confirmed by reports that in 21 hour 39 minutes и 21 hours 41 minutes Two combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces took off from the Khmeimim air base. It is noted that the latter moved initially in a southeasterly direction, but, obviously, subsequently headed for the Mediterranean Sea.

A similar situation was observed days earlier. Moreover, experts believe that in this way Russia warns Israel against any new possible aggression against Syria, although there are no official statements on this subject from the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces grouping in the SAR so far.


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