Russia used C-400 against British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter approaching Khmeimim airbase

A British fighter approaching the Khmeimim airbase nearly shot down the Russian C-400.

The Israeli news publication Nziv reports that a few weeks ago, Russia used its air defense systems located at the Khmeimim airbase against a British Royal Air Force aircraft. According to an Israeli resource, Russian air defense and missile defense systems were put on high alert, indicating a readiness to open fire immediately.

According to the Nziv publication, Russian passive air defense systems that usually work in a passive mode were unexpectedly activated, which was allegedly recorded by an Israeli electronic reconnaissance aircraft that was in the air at that time.

“On November 22, the British Air Force fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, unacceptably approached the Hmeimim airbase. Such an activity is recognized as an attempt to force Russian air defense systems to turn on in an active mode and work in order to give out their location and determine which types of devices are involved. ”- Nziv reports with reference to its own sources.

How objective such information is is unknown, however, given the data of specialized resources, the British fighter did not violate the borders of Syrian airspace, but was only a few seconds away from it.

It was necessary to bang in revenge for the violinists

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The main thing is not to repeat the mistakes of 1941 of the year. Then, too, there was such a mood, hat-making. Now both sides have almost equal technical solutions. So, C-400 is not a panacea, but a deterrent. But in one thing I am firmly convinced that the Russian defense industry brought out only 30% of its potential. NATO is bursting at the seams (glory to Trump), Europe is getting closer to the USSR (oh sorry), to Russia!

Russia used C-400, but missed!

A lie or a hint of false news is no longer shocking. Lying is like a brand of a news program.