Bomber Su-24


Russian bombers have practiced strikes against the Ukrainian fleet and NATO ships

The military exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea were finally disrupted.

After Ukraine accused Russia of violating the closed airspace in the western part of the Black Sea, where Ukrainian air defense systems were practicing the destruction of imitation targets, Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 and Su-24MR, it became known that the Russian military was not the first once they disrupted the exercises of Ukraine near the coast of Crimea, and at the same time they worked out striking NATO ships in the western part of the Black Sea.

It is known that two Russian front-line bombers operated in the area of ​​the Ukrainian military exercises, and in addition, they probably practiced striking two warships of the Spanish Navy, which a few days ago entered the waters of the Black Sea.

"On September 23, the Canadian Luftwaffe, performing with the forces of six of its CF-18 fighters in Romania, the tasks according to the plan of the NATO Air Policing in Romania mission, took off to escort a pair of Su-24 bombers of the Black Sea Fleet, performing a planned flight in the western part of the Black Sea."- сообщает "Telegram" - the "Operational Line" community.

The Russian side has not yet made any statements in this regard. Experts draw attention to the fact that the flight was carried out in international airspace, in connection with which there can be no claims to the Russian side. However, the Russian military aviation has created a lot of problems for the Ukrainian military, who are busy conducting provocative military exercises near the Russian borders.

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