Interception aircraft


Russian fighters missed a US Air Force maneuver and accidentally let F-22 fighters approach Tu-95 strategic bombers

American F-22s intercepted Russian strategic bombers practically in Russian airspace.

The planned flights of the Russian strategic aviation ended far from in favor of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Despite the fact that Russian Tu-95 bombers were accompanied by Russian MiG-31 and Su-35 fighters, while passing the bombers almost at the very borders of Russian airspace, they were unexpectedly intercepted by a pair of American F-22 fighters.

Judging by the photographs taken by the pilots of the F-22 fighters, they did not meet any real resistance, which raises a lot of questions about why Russian fighters were unable to provide effective protection for their own bombers, in addition to everything located near the borders of Russian airspace.

“There are a lot of questions about how the Russian Aerospace Forces, sorry, missed two American F-22 fighters near their own borders. For what purposes then was the escort of bombers carried out at all? ", - said the analyst.

It should be noted that the very purpose of the Tu-95 flight along the presented route remains unknown, however, obviously, the Americans actively tracked Russian bombers and were able to get close to them, deceiving the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Common practice when escorting over neutral waters. We accompany them in summer. They fly, we accompany.