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Russian sailors caught American ships off guard in the Bering Strait

The Russian navy made American sailors nervous with its unexpected appearance.

US warships stationed in the Bering Strait unexpectedly collided with significant forces of the Russian fleet, which was sent to the region to conduct military exercises. The appearance of Russian warships came as a complete surprise to the United States, especially when the Russian military announced on the air that they were performing their maneuvers in the region within the framework of free navigation. This, according to the American sailors, means that serious troubles should be expected from the Russian fleet.

As follows from the data presented, the military exercises conducted by the Russian side were of a large-scale nature and against the background of the fact that the maneuvers were carried out relatively close to the American borders, this quite frightened the American military command. After that, Russia received serious criticism, although in reality, the Russian side acted within the framework of international rights, norms and freedoms.

It should be noted that the Russian military exercises were of a planned nature and were not at all connected with an attempt to arrange any provocations near the US borders, as they are trying to present in Washington. The United States itself regularly conducts military exercises in the Black Sea, thereby trying to create provocations near the Russian borders.

"After that, Russia received serious criticism"!? Announce, PLZ, the list of critics? And the sources where you can read the "criticism" :) Neud to the author.



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