Russian troops deliver an ultimatum to the Turkish army in northern Syria

Russia has delivered a final ultimatum to the Turkish army on Syria.

The Turkish army and militants received a tough ultimatum from Russia to immediately stop the escalation of the situation in the northern and northwestern regions of the Arab republic. Refusal to comply with these conditions will entail immediate Russian intervention, expressed in the delivery of missile, air and artillery strikes. Locals were asked to stay as far away from potential clashes as possible, noting that the enemy would be covered in fire.

It is known that leaflets were dropped in the area of ​​the cities of Azaz and Mari, where within the next 24-48 hours the first clashes are expected between Kurdish formations, the Syrian army, Iranian special forces and Russian troops on the one hand, and the Turkish army and terrorists on the other. sides. Any aggression by terrorists will be immediately suppressed. At the same time, Russia is ready to ensure the maximum damaging effect on the enemy's forces, using not only aircraft, but also ships capable of inflicting an operational strike with cruise missiles at the forces of terrorists.

This afternoon, as a preventive measure, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces and units of the Syrian army launched powerful strikes on Idlib, thereby demonstrating their readiness to counter any threats of new clashes in Syria. In addition, any terrorist attack will break the agreement between Moscow and Ankara and allow the Russian military to attack even the positions of the Turkish army.

Man, this is stale data. It has long been ground forces in Syria and PMCs.

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The VKS is also the Russian army, didn't you know?

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The situation is changing rapidly!

What is the Russian army? We do not participate in ground operations. Only air defense, aviation, possibly instructors in the Syrian army.

I still didn't get it. Where I am? In Turkey, Syria or Russia. And what patriotism should be based on.

A minute ago, they wrote that the Russian army was retreating under the blows of the Turkish army.

an ultimatum to the attacker?