Su-24 bombers


Russian bomber bombed a column of Turkish "troops" heading for Karabakh again

Russian Aerospace Forces again attacked jihadists trying to get into Karabakh.

Several hours ago, a group of 20-30 jihadists tried to get on several vehicles into the territory of Turkey, with the aim of further transfer to Nagorno-Karabakh, however, as soon as the militants left one of the camps for recruiting jihadists for the war in NKR, they were immediately hit the blow by the Russian front-line bomber Su-24, and two dozen jihadists became less.

“21.10 Su 24M attacked two targets of militants 1 km south-east of the village of Mgara in Idlib province. According to reports, about 20 militants and 3 units were killed. Vehicle", - the official "Telegram" -channel of the Russian news agency "Russian Spring" informs about it.

Exactly one day ago, Russian bombers also bombed the area, destroying the camp for training and recruiting jihadists, in particular, it was reported that as a result of a large-scale series of strikes, the loss of militants could amount to about two hundred people - all jihadists were preparing to be sent to Azerbaijan.

By such actions, Russia actively supports not only Syria, but also Armenia, whose troops have already had to face militants, of which there may be about two thousand people on the territory of the NKR.